Ricardo Cruz, B.M.

Homero C. Campos, M.A.

The Benefits of Having a Teacher

So you have decided that you want to learn to play guitar, and doing so online would be pretty convenient, right? You are also worried that it will be tough to sift through all of the bad lessons and the people just trying to scam you out of hundreds of dollars. This is the main concern when deciding whether you should take music lessons online or with a teacher. There are many teachers, especially in the guitar world, that do not have the qualifications or knowledge to teach music effectively. The ability to play guitar is much different than actually knowing enough about it to teach it to others. These are the benefits of having a knowledgable teacher with experience. While the internet has made many things easier, making choices can be much more difficult when there are thousands to choose from. If you want to learn play guitar online, you will need to have a good understanding of the differences between online lessons and lessons with an actual teacher. Online lessons require that you have a basic understanding of the guitar, its intricacies, the techniques applied to playing the guitar, and the various types of written notation methods used to learn on the guitar. Offline lessons with an experienced teacher can offer you these skills and techniques in a one on one environment. Your teacher should also be able to help you decide what your ultimate goals are with guitar and what style of lessons will be best for you. Online lessons do not offer the benefits of this personal experience.

When looking for a teacher, first, you should decide what level you want to achieve with the instrument, how quickly you learn depends on the amount of practice time that you are willing to dedicate to the instrument. It typically takes weeks or even months to be able to play some songs without too much effort. By taking lessons offline and in person with a teacher, you will have the opportunity to ask questions that are specific to you, and your teacher can give you guidance based on their personal style and experience. They should start you off with simple excercises, depending on your current level. This in-person experience is helpful for beginners and advanced students. An experienced and educated teacher will gradually help you improve your skills.

Whether you plan on specializing in a certain area of guitar such as blues, classical, or jazz, or you just plan on playing in your room and with your friends, the offline private teacher is the best choice for learning to play the guitar.

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