Ricardo Cruz, B.M.

Homero C. Campos, M.A.

  1. Our monthly tuition fee is required in advance on the first lesson of each month. If you are paying by check please make it payable to your instructor as follows:
    • Homero Campos - $70.00/$85.00 (five lesson months)
    • Ricardo Cruz - $70.00/$85.00 (five lesson months)
  2. This fee will entitle the student to one half-hour lesson per week at his/her reserved time and WILL BE CHARGED REGARDLESS OF ATTENDANCE.
  3. Make-up lessons may be available at the discretion of the instructor for cancellations with 24-hour notice. Pro-rating the monthly fee will only be done if the instructor is absent or is unable to provide a make-up lesson.
  4. A student arriving more than 10 minutes late WILL BE CONSIDERED A "NO SHOW"
  5. We suggest that parents accompany children to and from the studio. Unattended siblings or guests are not allowed in the waiting area.
  6. The Amarillo Music Academy staff assumes no liability for loss or injury.